Saturday, July 24, 2021
sugary food not good for health - cut down sugar and say no to diabetes

Go No Sugar! Why & How..?

Sugar has become a global problem at the moment and it has become the biggest legal drug which destroys people lives without even a...
chest pain

Pain on the left side of your chest – All You need to Know

Is it a heart attack? Exactly as I thought so, this is the immediate idea that pops into your head as you feel a...
double chin

6 Causes and 11 Treatments for Double Chin

Two is always better than one. While this could be true regarding most things in life, it definitely is not, in the case of double chins....

ZEN MEDITATION – Method and Benefits

What is Zen Meditation?Zen meditation is another method of meditation. First, let’s check the meaning of Zen, the Japanese word “Zen” is derived from...
Ice on pimples

Ice-Cubes to Treat Acne and Pimple: Does it Really Work?

What is the most satisfying thing to pop? (I mean the second most satisfying one since of course, there’s no argument that “Bubble Wrap”...

COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS), General Advice for Travelers

A few months back, “Corona” was most popular as a beer and a compact car. Now it’s a word where everyone shatters with fear,...

What is Frostbite, How to Prevent It and Treatments

Frostbite… if the word itself doesn’t give you chills, the chances are, that you are not aware of how common it can be, and...
Food for Happiness

Happy Food for a Happy Mood

Foods for Happiness ? do they even connected ?. Yes very much!In a world that is in an increasing rush with emotions flinging faster...
lemon water

10 Surprising Benefits of Lemon Water

Would you like to start your day with a refreshing drink instead of regular Tea or Coffee? if your answer is yes, then go...
calorie counting | Calories Per Day

How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day

How many calories per day is a question we all ache to know an answer to! Today’s world is more concerned about health and food...