Meditation Benefits – A Detailed Guide

meditation benefits
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We live in a world that our human mind is trained to be especially busy and productive, due to the workload our mind tends to be impulsive, overactive and obsessed. Let’s discuss some of the meditation benefits.

Meditation helps us to quiet the chatter and evolve our mind to be focused and calm. Meditation is like you discover a bomb app on your phone, which you can’t stop using daily, once you see the result of meditation you can’t help but practice it daily more like it becomes a part of your habitat.

Your mind is designed to think, imagine and be productive no amount of zen can take that away so scratch that thought that meditation makes your mind go blank. It calms your inner thoughts but it won’t make your mind go blank or eliminate your thoughts.

Back in the day spiritual seekers hide in caves and meditate hours and days seeking liberation. As a Buddhist, lord buddha spent seven weeks meditating continuously to seek the wisdom and it became part of every monk’s teaching to sit in stillness and focus and calm your thoughts ego.

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Background of Meditation

meditation benefits

Back in 2000 hippies took over this meditation to a new level it wasn’t about cave practices but more like to have peace on earth and love for all. Today when people talk about meditating, they immediately think of turning off mind, or it’s for emotionally cry-babies. Well, I have to brag the now it’s scientifically proven that it isn’t about becoming weak or floating yourself in the clouds. It’s more like inner peace and relaxation and good for the human heart.

When people are dealing with life it’s hard for us to even drive in traffic lights we often get stressed or pissed off and cut in line, or think when you try to poke the straw into a milk packet if you couldn’t get it the first few tries your patience level comes to zero and u become irritated it’s like you are angry with the milk-packet but what did milk packet do wrong?

It’s all about your mind and patience. You got to reprogram your mind not to be aggressive in these situations.

Now let’s find out what meditation is and what are meditation benefits.

What is Meditation?


Calm your mind; practicing your mind to stay still and focus on to achieve silence and tranquillity. Whatever position or form you choose to practice in the end it should only focus your mind to think about one state.

Some times it takes only 5 minutes to calm your mind you can try this at work or at your transport after a hectic day, but try to keep your eyes open so you won’t look like a complete weirdo.

Different Types of Meditation

There are two major styles of meditation,

  • Focused – attention meditation
  • Open monitoring meditation
  1. Mindfulness Meditation- you slow down your focus onto the present moment by focusing on your breath inhale and exhale.
  2. Visualization – you visualize yourself in a calm place or somewhere you like and start meditating
  3. Sound healing- listing to sound effects like meditation soundtracks.
  4. Guided Meditation- it’s basically an overlap of visualization and sound healing.
  5. Mantra Meditation- basically chanting, you sit in a lotus position focus on our breath and chant a mantra.
  6. Movement Meditation- mindful activities that include movement (yoga, tai chi)

Meditation Benefits


Meditation benefits can be classified as follows:

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental

If we talk about spiritual benefits; my friend there is a vast area to learn and achieve and even though I write this article I’m no pro, not even close to achieving this state. But back in the day lot of monks and spiritual seekers have achieved this wisdom and some developed physic abilities by practicing further.

Most people call this as the chakra healing; energy health learning more about one’s soul.  

How does this happen? Well, many people believe when you cleanse all your negative thoughts and when you have no ego or desire left in your mind opens the doorway to the other side recalling spirituals to enter. It gives you the energy to know about your own soul past and present being.

Physical Benefits

  1. Reduces stress
  2. Control anxiety
  3. Reduction in age-related memory loss
  4. Reduction of blood pressure
  5. Promotes emotional health
  6. Help fight Addictions
  7. Improves sleep

There so many benefits you can experience once you start to meditate, people think it’s only productive for your brain but as you all know our brain function most of our human activities it helps to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression, increase the blood flow and slow heart rate which can reduce a lot of heart diseases.  

Mental Benefits

meditation benefits

It helps you to reduce stress anxiety and depression.

Emotional benefits

Other than reducing stress and anxiety there are other emotional benefits as well.

You become so positive towards your own self you tend to love your self more and other people who surrounded around you. you feel compassionate and kind towards each other and you tend to look at life in a more positive perspective.

And the stuff you usually held on to have changed now, you became to let go of things easily for the sake of your mental peace.

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