A Complete Guide on the Benefits of Savasana

Savasana - Corpse Pose
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Yoga provides a collection of poses that help you in different ways according to your needs. If you are looking for a more relaxing and calming effect. You can practice the ultimate pose of Relaxation…Savasana”. It also helps in many different ways like helping your anxiety, depression even can help to lose weight.

What is Savasana? 

Savasana is called the “corpse pose” in yoga. It looks like one of the easiest poses in the different yoga poses but in reality, it is the hardest pose. Many yoga students actually struggle with this even if they can balance, bend and twist themselves in the various poses but when it comes to lying down on the floor it’s not as easy as it looks.

This pose is called the Art of Relaxation because this pose gives the conditions to slowly enter a state of true relaxation, where after that you will feel a deep sense of peace and feel very refreshed and it is the starting point for meditation. 

Why is it so Hard?

As you practice this day by day, you will be able to relax one muscle and body part at a time and helps yourself to release your stress and can improve your emotional and physical wellbeing. But before you decide to take on this pose I suggest you do other active poses so that it is easier for you to relax since it is hard to do this pose if you have allowed tension and tightness to build up in your body.

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How to Perform “Savasana”?

Perform Savasna
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You can use props to supports parts of your body that can help you relax and make it easier for you to practice this pose. You can use blankets on your head or use a chair and keep blankets on it and keep your legs elevated so that it can help you relax your leg muscle and your body eventually.

Set Yourself Up 

  1. Lay down on your back with your knees bent.
  2. Keep your head centered so that it won’t fall side to side and will not disrupt the pose.
  3. Extend your arms on either side of your body and let your palms face to the ceilings. 

During the Pose

  1. Breathe in and out in a smooth flow.
  2. Close your eyes and relax your cheeks, lips, tongue and your facial muscles.
  3. Relax your throat and neck and calm your mind.
  4. Slowly draw attention to each part of our body and consciously relax every part until you feel relaxed and your body feels light.


If you are doing Savasana I suggest you find a good background where there is no stressful noise or interruptions and a well-ventilated area where you don’t feel uncomfortable or suffocated in.

Things to do to Optimize the Outcome

1. Music

If you want help to deepen your relaxation even further and slow down your heart rate and calm the breathing, then I suggest you play some soothing music where you connect your breathing helps you feel calmer and makes you let go and really get into it.

2. To Support the Neck  

Place a cushion or folded blanket under the head and neck so it will be slightly elevated than your chin.

3. To Relax the Mind and Eyes

Use a cloth or eye bag and gently place it on your eyes to relax the pupils and block out the light.

4. To Relax Your Lower Back

Roll up a blanket or a cushion and place it underneath your knees.

5. To Relax Your Abdomen

Use a few blankets, a sandbag or block and place it horizontally across your lower abdomen. 

What are the Benefits of Savasana ?

Savasana is beneficial in many ways to your body, mind, and spirit. It is good for you and has a couple of spiritual, mental and physical benefits.

Spiritual Benefits

This asana is a great way to channel your energy to revitalize and restore your mind and body. It helps you to withdraw from your senses and gain mastery over other influences.

Mental Benefits

It is the perfect way to relax your mind and by doing there are benefits that end up helping your body. It can also help your depression and anxiety because you can calm your mind and also clear it. This asana is a way for you to make you calming yourself and making sure that you can relax that can help you think clearer and help you be more creative because it slows your brain waves. It is also an asana that helps you meditate.

Physical Benefits

You can consciously relax your muscular and skeletal tension so that you can feel the tension melt away and helps you reach you the deeper layers of stress in the muscles. It can also relieve pains like headaches, reduce fatigue, lowers blood pressure and improves your sleep.

Practicing Savasana before you sleep can help you a lot, it helps you get deep, proper sleep. If you position yourself on the bed in the same way and make sure it supports and aligns your body like on the mat on the floor.

Savasana is a good way to relax and even have good proper sleep but by far the most difficult and challenging asanas in the yoga world. But it is after all the art of relaxation. 

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