Is Egypt Safe? – 5 Best Places to Visit in Egypt


“Wonders of the Land of Pharaohs”

Do you like to know amazing facts about Egypt? You might be wondering is Egypt safe to travel? let’s explore Egypt together.

Egypt is specifically known for “Ancient Histories”, its capital is Cairo, it is surrounded by Gaza and Israel in the northeast side, Gulf of Eilat and the Red Sea in the east side, Sudan in the south side and Libya in the west side.

Egypt has many histories and heritage sites, Egypt periods has segregated into three Kingdoms such as “Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom & New Kingdom”, the country is known for “deserts, pharaohs, pyramids, Nile river, red sea and many more”, the country has meditation climate and many historical things to explore. 

Is Egypt Safe?

Yes, it is still safe, but a frequent terrorist attack against tourist been a problem and these occur in the Sinai Peninsula, not only these there were terror attacks took place in respectively in the years of 2016, 2017 & 2018, these attacks were targeted foreigners, again in 2019 bomb attacked a tourist bus but again in May 2019 bomb attacked a tourist bus near Pyramids and nearly 17 people injured during this attack and many countries issued travel warnings.

So it is not recommended to visit the Sinai Peninsula and Western Desert areas, but still, you can visit Egypt with better local guides since they know the safety measures and safest places in Egypt.

Do Terror Attacks Occur in Egypt?

Yes and it specifically targeted to tourists, there were many attacks like “knife attacks, shooting, suicide explosions, etc..” but the unforgettable incident was “Luxor Massacre” in 1997 during this nearly 62 tourists were attacked and killed, again in December 2018 terror bomb targeted a Vietnamese tourist bus and killed four tourists, so it is advisable to be more vigilant when traveling Egypt.

Are You Afraid to Travel Egypt?

Not really, Egypt is the largest country, in many places’ terror attacks occur but popular tourist destinations are safer in Egypt, so not necessarily worry about traveling Egypt, but we highlighted all the above to be more vigilant and preventive.

What are the safest cities in Egypt?

You can visit Luxor, Aswan, Cairo, Alexandria and Hurghada, these cities are really safest in Egypt 

Is it a Good Idea to Find a Tour Guide in Egypt?


Yes, exactly and if you hire a local tour guide, it is almost safe since the tour guide knows each and every road, street and attractions. They may advise you to keep your things and you to be safe, so it is a good idea but before hiring a tour guide do a better search and try to find someone from a reputable tour company.

Are Taxis Safe in Egypt?

Better you can find Uber in Egypt or else recommended to find meter taxis, so you can assure that you are not overcharged, also there are some reputable taxi companies such as “Nile Taxi, Fawri taxi and many more.

Do Scams Occur in Egypt?

Yes, there are many scams such as the following.

  • Shopping scam – Stranger may help you and take you to a shop and pushing you to buy things there since he is getting a commission
  • Tour scam – Cheap tours with a hidden cost
  • Guide scam – Unofficial tour guide
  • Money Changer scam – Change your money at a reputable bank 
  • Photo scam – Camel or Pyramid photo and many more.

Never get trapped in these scams.

What Are the Precautions to be Taken Before Traveling Egypt?

  • Do a better search to identify the safest places to stay
  • Travel as a group
  • Stay at a reliable hotel
  • Book a famous taxi or meter taxi
  • Hire a reliable tour guide
  • Travel in advance otherwise you may catch in traffic 
  • Be careful when crossing the roads in Cairo
  • Keep the emergency and tourist police contact numbers with you
  • Don’t forget to keep your tour group members contact numbers
  • Keep the hotel or hotel manager’s contact numbers
  • Alcohol is prohibited in public places
  • Avoid strangers 
  • Be prepared for the desert climate
  • Dress appropriately to respect Egyptian culture
  • Take your medications and first aid items 
  • Drink bottled water and don’t forget to take with you
  • Keep your wallet safe and don’t forget to keep your valuables @ hotel locker
  • Walk as a group in the Egypt roads and many more things

5 Best Places to Visit in Egypt?

1. Cairo

You can visit Cairo and can do the following things

Egypt safe
  • Egyptian Museum
  • Giza Necropolis
  • Pyramid of Djoser
  • Cairo Tower
  • Gezira Island and many more things to do 

2. Luxor

Visit Luxor and do the following things

Egypt safe
  • Valley of the Kings/Queens
  • Luxor Temple
  • Karnak
  • Mummification Museum
  • Nile Cruise
  • Hot Balloon ride in Luxor
  • Sopranos Land & Amusement Park Zoo and many more things to do

3. Aswan

You can also visit Aswan and do the followings things

Egypt safe
  • Elephantine
  • Nubian Museum
  • Kitchener’s Island
  • Aswan Botanical Garden
  • Agilkia Island
  • Animalia and many more things to do

4. Hurghada

Visit Hurghada and do the following things

Egypt safe
  • Grand Aquarium
  • Dolphin World
  • White Beach
  • Desert Safari
  • Red Sea
  • Camel Ride
  • 5 Springs Amusement Park and many more things to do

5. Alexandria

Visit Alexandria and do the following things

Egypt safe
  • Pompey’s Pillar
  • Lighthouse
  • Stanley Bridge
  • Zoo
  • Kouta Park and many more things to do

Where to do Shopping in Egypt?

You can buy souvenirs, antique items and modern things in Egypt, better do shopping in Cairo and also you can try the following places

  • Luxor Bazaar
  • Lotus Bazaar
  • Tent Market
  • Aswan Souk and many more places to do shopping 

What are the Best Street Foods in Egypt?

You can taste Egyptian street foods at markets 

  • Ful Medames
  • Egyptian Sandwich
  • Kushari
  • Tahini
  • Falafel and many more foods to taste


We have seen many things in the above article and Egypt is an ancient country and it has come across with many historical stories such as “Ancient Cleopatra, Immortal Egypt, Ancient Egypt, etc..”, so it most famous for its “Pyramids, Museums, Giza, Deserts and many more”, but still people are scared to visit Egypt, so now we discovered many things about Egypt Safe, so you can plan your itinerary to visit Egypt, also there are many things to do in Egypt, people whoever love to explore historical and ancient stories of Pyramids and Kings should definitely visit Egypt.

In the above article, we discovered many things about “Egypt Safe”. I hope this article is more helpful for people who love to visit Egypt.

You should never miss reading this article“Egypt Safe” and this may be more useful for your next tour”



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