Top 13 Essential Travel Tips to Explore the World When You Are on the Way

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1. Hotel Apps

These apps come in handy in many ways and its one of the best travel tips you are gonna take serious, believe me. Mostly apps like Hostel World and Agoda are more beneficial to have a rough idea about the pricing and the rates. But try not to purchase from it, because the particular place we will be more expensive than getting into the hotel in person and purchase it on the spot. Also, there may be some good places in the vicinity which are as good as the place you like. If you are planning to stay there are more than 2 Nights, you can just bargain with the people there. It will be a fixed and cheaper offer than purchasing from and app.

2. Flights And Hotels

Booking head is totally overrated and does not save you all that money once you already hit the road. Enjoy the moment and unite with the flow. If you are going to have a flight in Asia, Air Asia is the most convenient. If you are planning to travel on a bike you can take it for free on NOK Airlines. As in Europe, there are lots of options and Skyscanner is our first go.

3. Find a Buddy

Consider sharing a hotel room with a buddy who is trustworthy. The accommodation cost of a hotel is typically the same price as going to share a hostel room with 6 or 7 more people. On the bright side, you don’t have to share a bed because hotels can provide two single beds for you both.

4. Bargain

Always Bargain. It can be awkward at first but practise makes you perfect. It is not such a bad idea coz it slashes down the prices into one reasonable number. Don’t worry the sellers are not going to say yes if it is not beneficial for them too.

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5. Cash

Withdraw some amount of money from the ATM so you won’t be charged at the ATM many times when taking money out of it. But you don’t take too much cash on you. When money exchanging, don’t do it inside the airport. There are many reasonable money exchanging places in the same vicinity. You can compare the amounts coz the difference can be quite big sometimes.

6. Your Attitudes

Travelling anywhere new can be a bit of a challenge as it is filled with lots of unexpected surprises-both good and bad. Expect to get ripped off every now and again and try to maintain a light mindset about it.

7. Thieves

Of course, you are going to keep an eye on your things. Lock it up if you are going to be leaving for a period of time but specifically be aware of motorbike thieves. They can be popped up from nowhere and grab anything from you at a glance.

8. Beggers

Don’t try to give money to begging children or buy souvenirs from them. Even if you feel so sensitive about their status but parents use their kids as an income. If they find it’s working it’s less likely to send them to school anyway.

9. Taking Photographs

We always try to capture the beautiful moments with the camera lens. But do you know in some cultures it is a serious offence if you try to get a picture of their children? Always ask permission to get photos and do expect to pay a little.

10. Pay First

Never agree to purchase something without knowing the price first. Sometimes after you order something they would change the price. still, you are going to have to pay in any way.

11. Learn The Language

Try to learn some of the local languages and try to start a conversation at a local market or with a street food cart. That helps you to communicate with them and feel connected with the culture, it may be even good for your pocket as they are less like you think that you are a newbie that they can rip-off. Say hello or how are you? How much is this? In their local langue and it is more fun too.

12. Travelling Locally

Overnight buses are very good at maximizing your time and minimizing your accommodation budget in a better way. Try to travel in groups when you can especially when you are using taxis, that way you can split the cost with others and its way cheaper. Driving a scooter is a great way to get around and you have more freedom and flexibility on where to go and what to do, but please don’t drink and drive and only agree to sit on it with someone you can trust.

 13. Food

Avoid wrapped or new kinds of food especially for the first few days when you are in a new country so that your body can calamities into the new environment without letting you down and uneasy. Do not forget to try exotic local fruits and dishes they will blow your mind 

Next time when you decide to pack up and hit the road consider these tips and tricks, it will make life more exciting and you are gonna thank us later.

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