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Paris City
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“Bonjour Paris City!”

– (Beauty and the Beast soundtrack playing in the back of my head) and yeah you guessed it right the ‘city of lights’ or I must say ‘The city of Lovers’ so grab your French croissant rich cream latte cause we are about to wander through the magical streets in Paris city. 

Paris is the number one destination for lovers and their romantic gestures, hence the city of lovers. if you asked me it’s my Favourite place to visit since I was a teenager, the souvenirs of Eiffel Tower are looking right at me while I’m typing this article. Just like me, I’m sure one of the travelers check-list-destination in France for its rich nature, architecture and also for the smell of rich yum pastries in Cafes. 

Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Paris City

What every first-time-travelers biggest concern is ‘Do we need to know French?’ No, You don’t have to learn French to have a truly enjoyable time in France but if you want to charm a Parisian the Bonjour is your magic word, the shop keepers, café waitress and sometimes people in the street always greet each other Good Day that’s their thing but most Parisian aren’t fluent in English thus, international tourists found this to be rude from Parisians but their mother language is what they use locally and if you ask for directions, or if u speak to them in English and if they don’t know how to answer they will silently say “No English “. But most people find this to be very rude if they ignore your question but maybe Parisian’s are uncomfortable. So, the answer is no you don’t have to be good at French to roam around in Paris. 

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Speaking of roaming around Paris has the most charming streets in the world filled with cobbled-stoned, colorful houses, lights and fancy cafes. Parisians also prefer quiet nature they Do not speak very loudly nor they yell across the roads so once you visit on these streets respect their privacy. If you want to get that Picturesque snap for the Gram here are Some of the most beautiful and best streets;- Rue Cler, Rue Galande, Rue de l’Abreuvoi, Rue Saint-Dominique, Avenue De Camerons, Rue Norvins, Square Rapp, etc. 

And for those who want to travel with a budget, I suggest taking Metro’s is much easier and cheaper than going by taxis. Parisians sit even if they are getting down in two steps ahead so you might need to sit as soon as you get into a metro and they also made sure about their stops ahead. 

Be aware of the robbers and drunkards on street Paris streets are also very famous for smuggling. Your belongings should be at your own risk.   

How to Explore the City of Lights 

No amount of time is enough in Paris but unfortunately, we can’t always plan our trip for weeks and months sometimes it has to be only for 2-3 days but there are plenty of places for us to visit within short period as Paris is filled with beautiful cafes, fancy restaurants, significant museums, and incredible sights. 

Art Is no exception in Paris it has centuries-old art pieces from the Renaissance period to late opened LVMH contemporary art pieces. 

If you are planning on visiting Paris Museums (Duh! which you must do) please make sure to pre-book your tickets to avoid 30 min cue and also Paris museums are closed one day on a week most probably Monday-Tuesday so make sure to check that before Booking. And there is an offer going on for the first weekend of the month so you can keep that in reminder when you are planning your Trip also it will be crowded on those days, just saying. Here are a few classic old museums and new museums for you to visit. 

The Louvre– Louvre Has cultural art pieces antiquity dated from the renaissance period to Picasso. This Building is Paris Icon Because of its architecture dated back to 1200s, and it was originally a castle.

Musee d’Orsay – This is the second most popular museum in Paris which was built in an old train station in the late 20th century.   

Centre Georges Pompidou– It’s a National Museum of Modern art and the second biggest contemporary art collection in the world.

Palais De Tokyo – This museum has more current art pieces and interesting and edgier than other museums. It’s a great midnight escape for lovers because this opens until midnight.

Palais De Tokyo
Palais De Tokyo

Musee Picasso – the Ideal museum for a Picasso lover.

The Heart of Paris City

When you are talking about Paris the Instant Image pop into your head? Yes, without even second guess its Eiffel Tower well known for its unique structure and 1000 magical lights. It is the symbol of love for many couples, hence not just one-two but more than thousands of proposals happened under this tower over a year. I don’t blame them actually; this unique iron tower can create that romantic atmosphere within seconds and the view on top of the tower is just priceless worth every penny you spend. This is one destination you must visit when you travel to Paris.

City of Lights; Romantic Nights

20 thousand twinkling lights filled the Paris streets with the most romantic atmosphere for the couples. Paris is always illuminated by the lights on the walking paths and streets and from the beautiful Eiffel Tower, no other city would offer this grand look for a romantic night than Paris. You can see the beauty of the landscape if you booked a seine cruise dinner. 

Food and Wine 

Imagine walking on a coddled-stoned path and smelling the fresh parties from the bakery and you are looking at colorful macarons from across the glass window, that’s all Paris is about rich in every corner. Anyways there are few things you must know that Parisians do not allow drinking in the streets also keep an open mind when it comes to French food. They are very slow on meals they prefer sitting and dinning rather than ordering, pickup or take away. 

When you Go to France you see countless number of food places to eat with different names such as; – café, restaurant, Bistro, Brasseries here’s what they mean restaurant is more of a fancy dining place with variety of meals and courses and cafes are less than that and more of a casual place where you can eat hang out with friends have a coffee . so, what is a Bistro? It is also a café-like-place but what they sell more is simple food.

Here are a few food places that you must visit when you are touring around Paris,

Bucket List for Paris City Tour 

  • Climb Trocadero and see Eiffel tower 
  • Enjoy the Panoramic view from Arc De Triomphe
  • Walkthrough the gardens of Musee Rodin 
  • Visit flower market at the place Louise-Lepine 
  • Stroll through the gardens of Versatile
  • Have dinner on the Seine 
  • Taste the macaroons at Ladurie 
  • Go wine tasting 
  • Shop and eat at La Defense
  • Pose with the French Statue of Liberty 
  • Try the Escargots 
  • Visit Notre Dame Cathedral

In this article, we have covered one of the traveler’s checklist destinations ‘PARIS “the city of lovers if you want to explore this city more you need to pre-book ahead of time because time is so limited in the eyes of beauty in France. You need to be more personalized with your itinerary. 

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