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Travelling connects people all over the world, many people love travelling but still don’t know how to make the travel arrangement or travel itinerary, but in this modern era, everything is available on the internet platforms and other media platforms. Here are some of the travel tips and tricks in 2020.

Be wise and use these platforms, so you can make your own itinerary and travel all over the world to meet new people, find different cultures, taste cuisine, learn cultures and try adventurers, etc.…

Speak to your known friends, travellers or adventurers they will definitely share their experience with you. So this also could help you to make your travel decision easier, they would have “Explored Europe, Safari to South African Countries, Discovered Tropical South Asian Countries, Surfed in Coastal Sites, Dived in Sky and Desert Safari”, so this is a best alive platform where you can get shared things and try exploring new things as solo or as a group.

Need a vacation!!! Are you Wondering How to Plan a Travel Itinerary?

Here are some travel tips and tricks for you to make the perfect travel itinerary.

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You can get more information from weekly “Travel Magazine and Travel Channel TV Programs”, in the travel magazine it covers nearly 2 pages about a destination, so you can research a lot in that. So every week different destination with more details, on the travel channel you view things visually, it will show all lively destinations. So it’s easier to decide your travel destinations

Nowadays travelling is made easy by having many online platforms, so you can travel anywhere but it depends on persons or personal desires. You should definitely consider the following tips and tricks when selecting a travel destination.

When selecting a destination you must definitely consider its geographical features such as “rivers, beaches, mountains, rainforest, canyons, volcanoes, lakes, etc..”, even though these are interesting factors but it never suits all travellers, some may have seasickness, some may have physical inabilities, some may be allergic to climate change, etc.. so do a better search in the following platforms, so you can find the suitable destinations.

  • TripAdvisor
  • Wayn
  • Expedia
  • Local Travel Agencies

In the above search, you may find better comments which suit you, so it makes your decision so easy. Apart from these platforms, there are some more platforms which make you buy the airfare and visa only in the local country of application, rest of the arrangement will be made in the travel destination country, those platforms are as follows.

  • Globus
  • Trafalgar
  • Cosmos and many more platforms

Cost of Living

During off-season accommodation, food and shopping costs are more reasonable than the seasonal times, so it’s better to make your itinerary during the offseason.


You can use online platforms such as “Airbnb, Agoda,,, Kayak and many more sites”, here you will get a chance of comparing hotel or apartment charges, so you can select the city you’re planning to visit and do a better comparison and don’t forget to find near public transport, you may come across with cheaper prices but better accommodations, always check individual hotel site, so you can confirm the reliability too.



You can visit Trip advisor and Google search platforms, here you can search for the destinations and you may find comments about best street food, retails stores and restaurants and also you can see pricing options of foods.


Never forget to visit Trip Advisor and Google search platforms, here you can see where to buy dresses, groceries, makeup kits, shoes, etc. These ideas will definitely help you to buy quality and discounted price products.


Keep an offline map with you, carry a hotel visiting card, always prefer public transport it is cost-effective and safer than other methods, whenever you visit MRT or Subway station you may see an information counter or digital routes may be there, so you can follow those instructions and begin your travel for local attractions.

Airline Ticket and Airport Transfers

Plan your itinerary during the offseason, so you may be able to find some last-minute deals, discounted rates and member benefits, etc…it is advisable to book your airline ticket through the following online platforms, so you may find a cheaper price.


Or else you can still book through the official airline sites or app, so you can earn fly miles and also you can save it for your next tour, you can redeem it when necessary, also you may find member discounts, last-minute sale and many more offers.

If you want to pre-arrange your airport transfers you can find transfer options from, Expedia, or else it is better to use public transport such as MRT or Subway instructions available on the station sites, so this is cost-effective.



If you’re a backpacker you can only rely on hand luggage, so you won’t get a baggage cost, otherwise, you can buy the required amount of baggage most probably 30 kgs is enough, when packing, pack only limited things, so when you back you may have enough place to pack your shopped items.

Travel Insurance


Really speaking this really make the traveller feel relaxed, it covers Flight Delay, Accident, Wallet Misplaced, Medical and many more, so while you were in an unknown country if something happens to you or your loved ones unexpectedly.

You may have to struggle a lot, so it is advisable to take travel insurance while you travelling, so you can enjoy your tour comfortably.

Personal Medicines and First Aid Items

It is advisable to visit your doctor before travelling, buy required medicines and pack it in your hand luggage in case if you need it while travelling, don’t forget to keep doctor’s prescription in case if airport staffs requests you have to submit it, and also keep some first aid items such as “plaster, cotton wool, bandage, wipes, cough medicine and paracetamol”, these precautions may help you and your loved ones to have fun full tour.

Personal Backpack

It is advisable to keep things such as “towel, wet tissue, snacks, water bottle, cap, raincoat and sunscreen”, so you can make sure that you kept yourself “hydrated, no empty tummy, cleansed skin, no sunburn and no rain-wet”. Don’t forget to keep these precautions while travelling.


Search for attractions in the site, then again search it from attraction (company) sites so you can find the real cost and activity details, then again compare it with the partner sites such as “,,,” these sites may have offers or discounts, 

Safety measures

Since you’re making all your booking through online. You have to be vigilant, so keep a photocopy of your passport and also copy your visa, keep a copy of your air ticket, keep all the originals at hotel locker, take copies with you, when you go out to keep enough money, keep it inside the secret pocket.

These days people are independent and they never depend on anyone for including travelling, many travellers love to go solo or group, like to enjoy tours but still something is restricting them from travelling.


Maybe the unknown destinations or the expensive tour, but in this modern era everything is at your fingertips, you can make your own travel itinerary, don’t forget to prepare your itinerary for offseason, so you may save a lot for your next tour, hope the above “Travel Tips & Tricks 2020” could be a guideline for your travel itinerary. Hope these travel tips and tricks of 2020 were helpful.

Hope this article “Travel Tips and Tricks 2020” is helpful for Travelers.

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