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Now, who doesn’t love crepes? Most of all how do you make this delightful treat? Crepes have been commonly consumed by people around the world as it has become a popular meal to have. We all fancy crepes but how and where does this divine recipe come from? Here in this article is listed everything you need to know about french crepes.  

This article will cover everything you need to know about crepes, from where it is from to its different recipes. So have your notebook ready to take down notes as you learn and discover more about this original French dish.

Let’s begin! 

What are Crepes?

A crepe is a very thin type of pancake that is generally made as two different types which are sweet and savory. It is a quite simple yet delicious recipe to follow. To this date, well over 50 recipes with different fillings to make crepes are in use. With the simple and more traditional one made with only sugar. Crepes can be served warm or cold depending on the filling and your preference.

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A fun fact about the word “crepe” is that it is derived from the Latin word crispa which translates to “creases”.

Who Invented Them? 

Crepes originally are from France as they invented this delicate yet tasty dish. Also commonly referred to as French crepe. It was discovered in the 13th century and located in Brittany, Northwest France.

Back then in France, crepes were everyday bread that people ate. To this date, Creperies can be found in Brittany, France and all around the world.

How It All Began?

This urban legend is said to be the way French Crepes came to its presence. A mistake led to this invention and the French have turned this mistake into an art.

It all began in the 13th century when a housewife was cooking a meal and spilled thin porridge on the flat iron cooktop in the fireplace that was burning hot. The porridge that dripped onto the cooktop turned out to be a crispy thin pancake that they tasted and eventually loved.

Hence, witnessed the first-ever crepe made and so on began the country’s love for this tasty dish.

french crepes

The Making of Crepes

The Day of the Crepes!

The 2nd of February is celebrated as the day of the Crepe in France. It is believed by them that Crepes bring them prosperity. People from different households in the country make Crepes.

“Le jour des Crepes” is what the French called the day of the Crepes.

The French had many traditions and beliefs on the Crepe, such as it resembles the sun and its rays due to its roundness and golden color from being fried by the butter. There was a belief that if you toss the crepe from a frying pan up into the air using your right hand and catch it whilst having a golden coin on your left hand, you are bound to be rich that year.

Some World-Famous Crepe Fillings!

Whilst Sweet Crepes were made with wheat flour, Savory Crepes was made from buckwheat. Sweet Crepes are enjoyed as a dessert or for breakfast with fillings such as Nutella spread, sugar, maple syrup, whipped cream, fresh fruits, custard and so on.

On the other hand, Savory Crepes were eaten for either lunch or dinner as part of their meal. Fillings such as cheese, ham, various meat, mushrooms, eggs, etc. are enjoyed by people today.

Sweet Crepes

Famous Sweet Crepe fillings currently are:

Nutella with banana

Made with Nutella spread and generally sliced bananas this mix is sure to give you a treat!

Fresh Cut Fruits

This filling can be savored with freshly cut pears, raspberries, sliced cherries, ripe bananas, etc. as they are the most enjoyed by people.

Peanut butter

Yet another favorite by a majority of people and my personal favorite too. This filling can be enjoyed with sliced bananas too!

Jam or Fruit Preserves

Such as strawberry or mixed fruit spread over the crepe would give a sweet taste.

french crepes

Savory Crepes

Famous Savory Crepe fillings currently are:


This is a popular Savory Filling enjoyed by many. From different types of cheese such as Feta cheese, shredded Gouda, goat cheese, cheddar, etc.

Fresh Eggs

Many love having Crepes with either scrambled egg, poached or even fried. Give it a try!

Sautéed Vegetables

My personal favorite of the Savory Crepes. This dish involves caramelized onions, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and spinach. Generally eaten for dinner and you do not want to miss out on this dish!

Chicken or Pulled Pork

Another Savory dish that most people love from different parts of the world. Better yet enjoyed with barbeque sauce!

Here is a link to learn more and know how to make basic Crepes including the ingredients needed and so on.


Finally! We come to the need for this wonderful article on French Crepes. Now you know everything you need to know about this French delicacy and hopefully, it has inspired you to make some at home. This is a lovely recipe to follow for any meal of the day and you should not miss out on this so get started on it! There is no doubt you’ll love it for sure!

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