10 Deep Breathing Benefits that are Good For Your Health

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In this article, we will discover 10 deep breathing benefits that can help to relax your mind as well as your body.

What is Beep Breathing?

The answer is in the air; this song was sung by a group called beetles.  Our main object is also air. Deep breathing is how to manage this air when it comes to our body as we inhale and we exhale.   Why do we breathe?  Your answer may be to live.   While living we can get more benefits if we practice this exercise. It is to keep the air in our body and to release unwanted air to the atmosphere.

How it Happens (The Mechanism)

deep breathing benefits

Breathing is automatically done by every living creature and It is an unconscious process in our body. Scientifically it is proven that if we can inhale more air we’ll get more oxygen and when we exhale we can release more carbon dioxide. This may pave the way to have a good function of your lungs. Slowly it will creep into your body without your knowledge

What are Deep Breathing Benefits?

  1.  It will increase your  life span 
  2.  Develops  your  healing  Power
  3.  Reduce your  high blood pressure
  4.  Controls your sugar level
  5.  Remedy for stress   
  6.  Change  your posture
  7.  Gives you a calm  and quiet  mind
  8.  Good for digestion
  9.  Important  exercise for swimming and music
  10.  Good for sustaining concentration

1. Life Span

While living we can get more benefits if we use deep breathing, which is scientifically proven but long ago In India and other eastern countries they practiced this exercise. As you know it is a must to breathe if we want to survive. But if you practice deep breathing and finally, if you can hold your breath for a long period your life span also will increase.

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So you hold your breath for a long time and according to the time you stay in one breath your lifespan will increase. (You won’t feel that you are breathing, withhold the breath).  This was highly practiced in India and even now they practice to live long. (yoga and other meditation schemes)

2. Develops Healing Power

If you practice deep breathing, you could feel it and gain the healing power of it. It will reduce toxins in your body.  Due to this your immunity level also will be increased.  There is a chemical called endorphins that act as a pain killer which droops into the blood after having a continuous deep breathing exercise. While you do this exercise the diaphragm expands and removes toxins.   Alkaline is another chemical which shows the acidity level and reduces after practicing deep breathing

3. Reduce High Blood Pressure

deep breathing benefits

Your high blood pressure will go down when you concentrate on counting and inhaling and exhaling air. When you have complicated thoughts and feelings your blood pressure goes up.  To avoid this situation, you can pay attention to your breath.

4. Control Sugar Level

The cardiac work out of our heart is very important and it will smoothen by this activity. Then automatically the sugar level decreases. Controlling your breath is one of the easiest exercises to improve your mental and physical health. 

5. Remedy for Stress


It will help with physical wellbeing and provide an opportunity to cultivate the mind to function without stress, anxiety, and frustration. When you pay attention to the air that passes through your nostrils your mind relaxes. 

6. Change Your Posture

When we speak about body shape especially posture, your body shape will get the correct posture after practicing this. Your flexibility and capable of doing many other actions will also be improved through continuous and regular practices. It is easy to maintain one’s posture

7. Gives you Calm and Quiet Mind

When you have a regular practice of this exercise your mind will not get unnecessary thoughts and you’ll feel that and your mind becomes calm and quiet. When you concentrate on inhaling and exhale there is no chance for the mind to wander here and there, that’s how it works.

8. Good for Digestion   

With regard to the digestive system, you can reduce your weight also.  This uplifts your confidence and correctness in making decisions.  Each activity is related to the other and it works like a chain After a meal the blood goes to the stomach and away from the brain All these functions help to have a very good digestion pattern in your body

9. Important Exercise for Swimming and Music

SWIM AND music

 Even during the pregnancy you can practice this and experience many more benefits. It is an essential practice in swimming and music. Not only that but also you will be able to keep your breath for a long time when you do swimming.

To sing high notes in music you should take a deep breath and should be able to hold it for a long period until you finish your note. 

The same thing happens when you swim and when you go underwater. Long ago when the technology was not introduced the divers used to practice this and were able to bring a lot of valuable things such as pearls, corals, etc. from underwater.

10. Good for Sustaining Concentration      

The last benefit of deep breathing is that the concentration arising out of this exercise sustains itself for a long time. When you get more oxygen muscles to get relaxed and you’ll experience it in many ways.   We are not engaged with bodily movements.  Therefore, we can concentrate the mind It can develop strength and clarity of mind.

Deep Breathing Practices

deep breathing benefits

Though we inhale and exhale air there are many methods of practicing this. One method is nostrils counting and other methods are lip and mouth breathing. While you are having a deep breath you can count the breath as one, two, three, four, five, six when you feel that the air touches your nostrils.  When you inhale start counting. There are various methods in counting.    

Select a comfortable place. Sit, stand or lie on your back in bed.  If you want to sit comfortably. You can use a cushion. Then take a deep breath in through your nose. Now you can feel that the air is going into your lungs. Then hold the breath for a second and release the breath out through your nose.  You can feel in and out clearly.  So pay attention to the process of breathing to gain the benefits

Who Can Practice Deep Breathing?

Very small kids and very old people are not able to practice this exercise. To practice this, the person should be in good health both physically and mentally. Those who are very sick or with bad medical conditions should not try this. All the other people who are in good health can practice this and would be able to enjoy the benefits.

Pay Attention to These Conditions

Normally we breathe without our knowledge. It is an unconscious technique that we practice.    Now you are going to be a healthy person and in a fight mood or flight mode, you may get instant relief through this mechanism. It is very hard to explain these situations as there are no machines to check them. ONLY YOU CAN FEEL IT.  It is like a miracle.   

You can check your pressure and sugar level even at home but other mental and physical imbalances are normally checked at hospitals or in laboratories.   There is no machine to check your feelings. Finally, you’ll have a very good and calmer nervous system by practicing this exercise.

A final outcome is a healthy person and that is the last benefit that you get through deep breathing. This theory was introduced in yoga and in other meditation methods.  The method is not that important, to reach the final stage. So, taking into account deep breathing benefits you must develop this healthy habit.

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